The Purpose of the foundation


The main objective of the Cebu Trainee Foundation (SSCebu) is to help Filipino horticultural students, who are following a bachelor's degree, in finding an internship at horticultural companies. Before that, she has good contacts with companies in the Haarlemmermeer region. (Located in North Holland)

Most students study at the Cebu Technological University, Barili campus in Cebu.

There have also been parties from the Visayas State University in Baybay, Leyte, the Netherlands.

Cebu and Leyte are islands in the Philippines and belong to the Visayas archipelago.

During their internship the students are supervised and supported by the members of SSCebu. The members of SSCebu also ensure that students can participate in cultural and relaxing activities.

The foundation also offers scholarships to the most motivated students to continue their studies for a Masters degree.

This is possible thanks to gifts from individuals and companies.

In recent years, the foundation has ensured that a shadow hall has been built on the C.T.U campus in Barili. It also contributed to a good water supply on the C.T.U. campus in Barili.

The students live together in a house on the Henninkstraat in Rijsenhout, which is rented by SSCebu.