The municipality of Haarlemmermeer has had a city link since 1992 with the municipality of Cebu City in the Philippines. The activities that were set up for this city link were coordinated by the Haarlemmermeer-Cebu Association. (V.H.C.) The original purpose of the V.H.C. used to be:
Exchange and Transfer of Knowledge.
Based on that intention, the internship project was set up in 2004.
At the end of 2010 it was decided to privatize the internship project and the Stagiaires Cebu Foundation (SSCebu) was established.
Chamber of Commerce number: 51486660.

Gerard Stokman (left) was honored in 2008 by the vice mayor of Cebu. As a token of appreciation for his commitment and friendship.

In 2018 end SSCebu?

It seemed that the foundation would have to stop.
Because the former home in Rijsenhout, where the students had been staying for years during their 6-month internship, was claimed by the housing association.

The foundation could therefore no longer accommodate a new group after batch 29.

A turbulent period of uncertainty and possibly the termination of the SSCebu foundation.
Fortunately, another home has been found in Rijsenhout, so that the move could be started at the end of 2018.

Various board members of the foundation and the current batch 29 have done a lot of work, so that the new group of students from Cebu could settle direcly into the new home.

The old adres:                                                    Sloppenbrugge Rijsenhout (pic batch 18)


New Year's reception for local residents January 2019.
In January the foundation organized a welcome reception for the local residents.
All those directly in the neighborhood were present and were able to meet the students.
During a drink and a delicious Filipino snack, the neighbors were informed of the goal and the foundation.
It became a pleasant affair that the local residents experienced as very positive.


Board members                                                                                   2019
After Gerard Stokman had found a solution for a home, the board came up for discussion during a regular meeting.
The board had not changed in years and therefore the current board members were asked if they wanted to continue their position.
Also the volunteers who already worked for the foundation were asked to become members.
The board was thus expanded from the current 5 to 9 members.
Board members 2019: Gerard stokman, Ina Marsman, Bart Zwaan, Nimfa Navoa, Cathy B Boltron, Nico van der Poel, Pieter Wijkmans, Rob de Groot, Eric Groenendijk.


Members of the Board are visiting Fillipines, CTU & VSU             2020

January 2020 Gerard himself and the Trainers of the board visit the Philippines to get to know the schools CTU in Barilli, VSU in Baybay Leyte.

Another board member, Rob, also made a short visit to the schools at the end of 2019.

In this way, the board is well-informed about the culture and schools and have a good insight to make the right decisions for the students while they are staying and working in the Netherlands.